Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Minor Prophets, Major Message: Habakkuk (audio)

This past week was a really bad week.

It seems like this year has been a really bad year.

It seems like the last several years have been really bad.

We believe that God is good. We believe that He created this world good, and when He formed us He declared us to be "very good." We also believe good wants to bless us with good things. The question is though, how can we see God as being good when so much evil happens?

As we have been going through the minor prophets, we have seen that issues of right, wrong, and social justice have been prevalent both inside and outside of Israel and Judah. But it would take Habakkuk to ask God "why does evil exist when You are good, and holy, and righteous?"

God is not the author of evil, and evil was not part of His plan. And who knows how much evil God restrains!?!? But God does allow evil and He will work His good plan out in spite of it.

This Sunday's sermon centers on Habakkuk, this very question of God's goodness and evil's existence, and is quite timely given the state of our world.

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