Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Minor Prophets, Major Message: Micah (audio)

What does the Lord require? The above picture states as simply as possible the expectation the Lord has of His people. But both the nations of Israel and Judah failed to live up to that.

Micah is the minor prophet who has combined elements of the other minor prophets, and a few major ones, to give us a more complete, but also bare bones basic, overview of the message that the minor prophets have been speaking.

Yet it contains a sobering message for us today as well. Like Isaiah, Micah recognized that he should be included in the sin for not doing enough to stop injustice. The Church likewise is in some ways responsible for the condition of our world, by doing well to proclaim the truth, but not doing enough to stand up to injustice, perhaps even contributing to it in some ways.

Below is the audio from this past Sunday's sermon. Take a listen and be challenged.

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