Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Minor Prophets, Major Message: Jonah (audio)

What can be said about Jonah?

He was given a mission, and he ran away. God brought a storm up and he was asleep. Those piloting the ship he was on could have been killed and they would have never known why, and Jonah didn't speak up until he could no longer remain silent.

Once he went for a little bit of a swim and found himself in a great fish, he might have thought then it was better to do what God had called him to do, and God said to him to go back to Nineveh, his original assignment.

Jonah went, the people heard his message, they repented, and...

He was mad! God dared spare the lives of wicked people.

Is that the attitude of the Church today? Take a listen and perhaps you'll find out.

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