Monday, July 20, 2015

Living In Community: No Longer Unholy (audio)

It was a fact that was indisputable. The Jewish people were God's chosen, elect, people set aside for His special favor. The Apostle Peter, of course, understood that Jesus was the long-awaited Messiah and believed it wholeheartedly. And maybe there was even room in God's kingdom for those who had a partial understanding of the Law, the Samaritans. After all he had seen the Holy Spirit come on them. Yet, Jewish understanding was that the Roman people, those pagans, those gentiles, were beyond God's redemptive work through Christ.

All that was about to change for Peter.

While visiting friends in Joppa, some people sent from Cornelius, the centurion of the Italian Cohort (think "Seal Team 6" of the first century) came looking for Peter and brought him a message: Come with us to Caesarea because you are supposed to bring us a message.

Peter wasn't too thrilled about it, but he went (to his credit). What he witnessed next though is a lesson we all need to experience and know for ourselves. Take a listen in the link below.

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