Monday, June 29, 2015

Living In Community: Putting Ourselves Aside (audio)

Compare and contrast. These questions in school were always very interesting to me. It assumes that two things, whether they be objects, events, or people, are similar enough that a comparison can be made, but different enough that those differences can be expounded on.

The Ethiopian eunuch that we read about in the second portion of Acts 8 had legitimate earthly power, being a high ranking government official. He didn't have to rely on fraudulent pagan power and incantations like Simon the Magician. Yet he made no demands. He was humble, and asked to understand his new found and growing faith better. Philip, the same man who took the gospel into Samaria, presented Jesus.

How he presented also provides for us a compare and contrast. Up to this point the proclamation of the gospel was to crowds of people. Here it's just a few. It was accompanied by signs and wonders. There was only one miracle performed in this instance and it was an affirmation of the Ethiopian's faith, not a catalyst for it.

We get so caught up in people, and in methods, that we often miss what God wants to do. We need to adjust to how the Holy Spirit leads and directs us. The link below is from yesterday's sermon. Take a listen and be blessed.

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