Sunday, May 24, 2015

Life In Community Part 1 (audio)

Ten days separated Jesus' ascension into heaven from the giving of the Holy Spirit. Before He left, Jesus told His disciples to wait in Jerusalem. They might not have known what they were waiting for, or what they could expect, but they waited. 120 of Jesus' followers, disciples, family and friends, in one place, waiting.

That ten days gives us a lot of insight into how we are to act as the family of God, this body of believers called the Church. We read what they did while they waited, and how that prepared them for what was about to come.

All too often when we come together as the Church, we are so focused on ourselves. It sometimes seems as there's no preparation for what the Lord wants to do. Do we commit ourselves to prayer? To studying His word? To seeking His will?

What happens when we do? We experience the same power that was present on the Day of Pentecost.

Take a listen to the sermon. Share with someone you know needs to hear it. Take it to heart yourself.

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