Monday, April 27, 2015

The Final Forty: Entertaining Doubt (audio)

There's a handful of the disciples that we really know anything about. There is Peter, the impetuous one. There are the sons of Zebedee. There's John, the youngest and the one "whom Jesus loved", and then of course there's Judas, the betrayer. Somewhere in there is Thomas.

All we know biblicaly about Thomas comes to us from the Gospel according to John, and there really aren't too many flattering moments. The one moment that stands out though is when he expressed doubt concerning the reports he had heard of Jesus no longer dead, but alive.

Everything in his experience told him Jesus was dead. He had seen His body on the cross, and maybe even witnessed Him being placed in the tomb. Plus, all of the other miracles had been witnessed. As credible as the witnesses were to Jesus' resurrection, Thomas simply hadn't been present.

Does that sound like us sometimes?

Take a listen to the sermon in the link below. Please share it with someone you know needs to hear it.

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