Monday, December 15, 2014

The Fullness of Joy: The Third Sunday of Advent (audio)

I think there's a universal truth that we all like to be happy. I certainly do. We chase after things that make us happy, we do things that make us happy, we delight in things that promise happiness.

But does that last?

When we think of joy, I believe we tend to think of it as happiness to a greater degree, maybe a more lasting degree. Are happiness and joy really the same thing though? We sing songs like "Joy to the World. The Lord has come." We take a look at our world and wonder with the things we hear about, such as protesters, violence, natural disasters, wars, how can we have joy? And if Christ has come, where is the joy?

Joy is not something that can be found on a shelf, wrapped up in something, with a little price tag telling us how much it cost us to attain it. Joy is knowing that what we truly long for, what our deepest hunger and thirst is, has been provided for in Jesus.

This past Sunday was the third Sunday of Advent, where joy is the focus. Below is the audio from that sermon, with the text found in Isaiah 55. Take a listen and please share it with someone.

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