Monday, December 1, 2014

A Time for Hope: The First Sunday of Advent (audio)

As we come out of a time where we take a step back and give thanks for all we have, we in the church move into a season where we anticipate the coming of our Lord.

It isn't His first coming that we look forward to though.

Traditionally, the first Sunday of Advent looks to hope. Despite the mess we find ourselves in, we serve a God that wants to deliver us. For this sermon we looked at a passage from the book of Isaiah chapter 64, where the prophet is addressing a future people who have been taken into captivity by Babylon. And yet, they still have hope that they can and will be delivered, when they recognize the sin that put them there and turn away from it. And not just their sin, but the sin of the nation.

Take a listen to the audio below, and be blessed.

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