Monday, September 29, 2014

The Inconvenience of Scripture: The best laid schemes of mice and men (audio)

I have to laugh somewhat at how what we take in as entertainment too many times pales in comparison to what is contained in the Bible.

In today's sermon, we look at Jacob. He is a man who tried to usurp his brother Esau in the womb. He then cheated his brother out of his birthright, out of his blessing, only to later be conned himself by his uncle. Hollywood could not come up with a better script.

This sermon is a bit more involved however (I apologize for that), so it took a little longer to get through. But, if you're willing to set aside an hour a day for your favorite scripted drama, why not set aside a bit less than 40 minutes on some real life drama? Take a listen below and please share it.

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