Monday, June 16, 2014

From Hearing to Doing: The Book of James Part 6 (audio)

There are times when I can be a real pain to work with. Try not to be too shocked about that. Those are the times when I insist that something has to do be done my way, or no way. This has put me in some trouble in the past, not because my way was bad, but because I let my desire get in the way of seeing to it that the job gets done.

Envy and strife lead to quarrels and wars within the church body. This happens when we pursue our own wills, desires, agendas, rather than seeking God's plan and purpose for us.

This is the sixth sermon in our series on the Book of James. Everything James has talked about up to this point so far is a result of what he addresses here in the first part of chapter 4. Take a listen to the sermon and please share it with those you know may need to hear it.

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