Monday, May 12, 2014

From Hearing to Doing: The Book of James pt 2 (audio)

"Why can't they just stay on their own side of the border? And if they do come here, why can't they learn English?"

It's so easy to fall into the sin of partiality, especially when people aren't seen as being created in the image of God, and are in fact seen as "others", "they", or "them." While the book of James, in chapter 2, begins by using the example of the rich and the poor, partiality and favoritism is not contained to just that category. It takes place in numerous contexts, sometimes both inside and outside the church.

However, we are called to take and demonstrate the gospel message to all without partiality, treating them as Christ would have us.

The sermon from yesterday is below. Please take a listen, share it, and be blessed.

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