Sunday, March 23, 2014

Justification: Just As If I Never Sinned (audio)

I am uploading the audio from this morning's sermon a day early because I will be out of the office all this week, and my normal schedule wasn't going to happen. So, consider yourself blessed perhaps.

Anyway, there wasn't any audio last week due to a guest singer and speaker we had, George Miller, and the ministry he provided was fantastic. There was a lot of good response. This week I was back behind the pulpit and ready to go.

Our topic was taken from Romans 5, and how justification in God's vocabulary works. Many people after the service told me it was a timely message.

Below is the audio from it. Please take a listen to it if you weren't here today, or even if you were and you just want to hear it again. And don't hesitate to share it with someone you think needs to hear it.

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