Monday, November 25, 2013

Making the Connection (audio)

If anything was made apparent, perhaps it was that we have a tendency to either give god-like power to certain forces at work in our world, or to create our own system of belief. Either way, it is an attempt on our part to try to make God in our image, to worship Him on our terms.

Scripture makes this clear however that this is idolatry, and it is something that God, in His holiness and righteousness will not tolerate.

In writing to the church in Colossae, a church that he had never visited, the Apostle Paul wanted to remind the believers there of what had brought them to faith in the first place. A large part of the problem the Colossian church was facing was a strain of gnostic belief that was being combined with Jewish ritual in order to provide a means of self-righteous salvation, and this was working its way into the church. The way to combat this, in Paul's view, was to remind them that Christ had created all there is, both the visible and invisible, that He was and is the first-born of creation in terms of His relationship to His creation. This belief still has a lot to say to us today.

Below is the sermon that I preached on this. Take a listen and please let me know how the Lord has used it to impact you.

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