Monday, October 14, 2013

10 Rounds with God: Jehovah vs. Hathor and Ptah and Montu (audio)

The fifth sermon in the ten sermon series "Ten Rounds with God" has us looking at the plague which affected the Egyptian livestock. Instead of one god being targeted here though there were three: Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of love, beauty, art, dance, and sexuality who had a cow's head; Ptah, the supreme creator god who was thought to live among the Egyptians in the "Apis Bull", and Montu, the Egyptian god of war who was also thought to live among his people in the form of the "Buchis Bull".

Once again the Egyptians suffer the consequences of this plague, the death of their livestock, while the Hebrew livestock is spared from death.

Please take a listen to the sermon posted below, and discover how this connects to our current time and place. If you are blessed by what you hear please let me know.

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