Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Adventure Awaits

If you follow my blog you might notice that there are a few changes around here. With the new position that I am undertaking in Dansville, I figured it was time that the blog reflected that.

Yesterday it seemed as though things were just so busy. It was about 24 hours ago that I retrieved the U-Haul that I ordered, and my ragtag crew consisting of myself, my father, my sister's boyfriend, and my best man at my wedding, loaded it up, and then began the 80 mile trek East.

If yesterday though was an indication of what is to come, then I have to say I am very thrilled. There were, I think, 10-12 people waiting here to get the truck unpacked and stuff put away. Everything was unloaded within 30 minutes. The willingness to help, and their excitement, really made a great initial impression on me.

Now to just get my first sermon written...

1 comment:

  1. You certainly will love the Dansville people. They are a loving and forgiving bunch. Let them love you and you will be blessed. I will never forget the wonderful years I served God in Dansville.

    Eddy Irwin