Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's About Image

Whether we wish to admit to it or not, we're obsessed about image. Read a newspaper, magazine, watch a video, and it becomes all too clear, we are a culture that is completely obsessed with image.

Recently, a young actress and singer made news for her image, that of someone who was bent over in what many would consider a compromising position, wearing little more than skin-colored underwear, while in front of a guy who has recorded song after song proclaiming sensuality. All the while her tongue sticking out as though she were a dog.

This was a new image this once real life Disney queen was going for, replacing the image of a young goofy girl trying to figure out how to live in two very different worlds at once: one world where she was a pop sensation; the other where she was just a typical middle school girl.

Yet, none of these images were truly or authentically hers. Well, in some ways they might have been, but they certainly weren't images which she was made for. They aren't images that anyone was made for.

Going all the way back to the beginning, God spoke all that there was into existence: the sun, the moon, the stars, planets, entire galaxies. And on the earth He spoke the plants, the animals, birds, fish, He separated the land from the ocean and the sky. All of these things He spoke, and they were. But when it came to humanity, God did not merely speak, but He declared "Let us make man in Our image." While all of creation bears evidence that God is its Creator, there is something remarkably different about us humans. From the dust of creation He formed us, and breathed His breath of life into us. Suddenly that pile of dust was not just a collection of what remained, but became a living being. We bore the very image of God to the rest of creation.

Sin has tainted that image however. Though God is sovereign over all, in giving us His image He gave us the ability to make choices, and humanity chose to sin. Since then, we have been looking to replace that image with whatever gives us mere moments of fame, of fortune, neglecting what it does to our souls.

A young lady chose, as did her parents, to subject her to people who gave her an artificial sense of importance. When others her age are struggling to figure out what life is all about, she was given an artificially created world filled with fame and fortune and millions upon millions of fans who maybe wanted to be just like her.

But was anyone giving her a sense of what is real? Was anyone conveying to her that any other image aside from the image of God will give her what she wants but neglect what she needs?

Do not get me wrong, now that she is an adult she has to take responsibility for her actions, but what about those people who should have known better than to create this artificial image? We, as people created in the image of God, have a responsibility to the rest of creation but most importantly to each other, to bear that image in such a way that they see God in us.

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