Sunday, August 11, 2013

Christ Keeps Us in Fellowship (Audio)

This is the final sermon I preached at The Brooklyn Free Methodist Church this morning. Last week, I touched on how Moses, though not crossing into the promised land with the Hebrews, had none the less seen the goodness of the land, and knowing the character of God, knew that as long as the children of Israel remained obedient they would receive the blessing of God.

This week, I wanted to assure the congregation that though I am no longer their pastor, we still have unity and fellowship with each other in the strongest bond of all, that which is found in Christ.

We looked at 1 John, where the Apostle spells out how we are one in Christ if we truly walk in the light as He is the light. A couple times I had to fight back some pretty strong emotion, as I reflected on the last three years. Maybe you will hear that in the sermon.

Next week will be mine and my wife's first week in Dansville, NY. But until then I hope you listen to and enjoy today's sermon.

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