Sunday, July 7, 2013

What It Is to Be A Disciple Pt. 2 (Audio)

Last week's sermon focused on the initial decision to follow Jesus, and what that means when the decision is made. We give up the rights to conduct our relationship with God on our terms. God, as the one who created us and gave us life in Him through His Son, Jesus, commands our relationship in the way He always wanted it to be.

This week, we move forward by looking a few verses back. Discipleship not only means having a relationship with God on His terms, but it also means that we must begin to emulate His ways. Jesus was coming through a Samaritan village and sent messengers on ahead in order that preparations might be made for Him to stay. Yet the Samaritans rejected Him. James and John, two of the innermost disciples among the 12, were so angry that, in a bit of an Elijah moment, they wanted to call down fire and have the Samaritans consumed by it. But Jesus said that was not His way, and called them to check the kind of spirit they were really demonstrating in their anger.

Today's sermon looks at the passage found in Luke 9:51-56. Please take a listen and let me know what you think.

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