Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thoughts From The Road

For those wondering whether or not a sermon was posted from me this week, you may (or may not) be disappointed that no, there was not. Instead of doing my usual thing on here, my lovely wife and I attended a wedding just south of Atlanta, where she was the Matron of Honor, and I was simply a guest. And while the great excuse to get away was this wedding, we didn't pass up the opportunity to take some much needed time for ourselves.

As I have made mention before, in just a couple of weeks I will no longer be the pastor of The Brooklyn Free Methodist Church of East Otto, NY. In making the preparations for the move to Dansville, NY and in my wife's busy work schedule, there has been very little time for us to just come together and be in each other's company. In addition, I have been tending to things going on in East Otto, such as new paint in the church and keeping in contact with the new pastor who, in my opinion, will be great there.

Yet, in all the busyness the most important things in life can, and often are, overlooked. As we were watching two lives begin their journey of becoming one, I could not help but think nearly 3 and a half years ago my wife and I were making that very same statement to each other, before our Lord, in front of a congregation. The pastor talked of priorities, and I was convicted. Not because I neglect my time with God, but because I haven't been as in tune with my wife as much as I have needed to be. And she said the same to me. We weren't purposefully neglecting each other, we just allowed other things to come in between us and detract us.

So, in our drive through the South in a very tiny Ford Fiesta, we talked about anything and everything. And, in what has seemed like quite a long time, we had some real fun in each other's company.

I can't help but think that, if marriage is supposed to be the picture of the kind of relationship Christ wants with us, do we devote the time to Him that we need to? It isn't that we are looking around for satisfaction in any other places. I am fully committed to my wife, as she is with me, but that didn't mean that everything was right in our relationship. I can easily give my wife an hour a day, but that doesn't mean that our relationship is good.

Time is a precious gift, one often taken for granted. Over the past six days I spent more time with my wife, just her and I, than we had spent together in the last several weeks, and I found that in spending more time with her my prayer life and my time with God was also increased. We prayed together, we read scripture together, we talked about life and faith and priorities and putting God first in all things.

Our lives are going to be full of times of transition. But what will remain constant? If our relationship with God and with those He has brought together to share their lives as a reflection of Him is right, the transitions are easier to deal with. Fear, trepidation, and doubt have no place.

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