Sunday, June 2, 2013

God Does Not Demand Our Worship (audio)

After reading the title of today's sermon, you might be thinking "Great, the young pastor over there in East Otto has really lost it. Of course God demands our worship! Why else do we go to church on Sunday?"

But the truth is, anybody can demand anything from anyone. God does not demand our worship, as if it is something He needs from us. He instead commands us to worship Him, in a way that is honoring and pleasing to Him, so that we may be in right relation to Him.

Commands are given by those who are in authority. A general commands an army to take a hill, and they do it. A father commands his children to not play in the street as they might get hurt otherwise. A boss commands his employees on how a job is to be done. And so on.

Religion, as expressed through worship, is not a demand that we meet in order to please an arbitrary God Who is prone to change His mind. Today's sermon looks at this important distinction in how we are called to relate to God. He created all things. He made us in His image. He breathed His breath of life into us. I believe He has a right to be worshiped how He sees fit.

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