Sunday, March 3, 2013

1 Corinthians 10:1-13 (Audio)

Worldliness is a problem in the Church, and has been (believe it or not) since the first century, a time we ironically look to for the "pure" "unadulterated" Church.

The worldliness of the Corinthian Church was of great concern to the Apostle Paul. Unlike like week's sermon where we looked at Paul's letter to the Philippians and his dealing with people who had ulterior motives and not gospel motives put in high places in the within the Church, the church in Corinth's problem was that the Christians there were, in many ways, continuing to pursue many of the aspects of their former life under the guise of adding it to their new religious experience.

Chapter 10 of 1 Corinthians begins with a very brief overview of the Exodus, and how the people that had known slavery in Egypt, had felt the oppression of a cruel empire and its pharaoh, were a people that were led directly by God, had been led through the sea on dry ground, and had tasted the spiritual food and drink that was provided them in the desert. They had seen first hand the miracles of God, and seen His awesome power, but it did not prevent them from turning back toward idolatry. Eventually the generation that was led out of Egypt would not be ushered into the Promised Land, despite their elect status.

God expects than when we are saved, we are freed from the power and the punishment of sin, and that it no longer reigns in our life. Worldliness, the things that God opposes, has no place in worship. Take a listen to today's sermon, and be blessed.

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