Sunday, December 16, 2012

Third Sunday of Advent (Audio)

Traditionally, the Third Sunday of Advent is tied to Joy, but in light of the events of the past week, I must admit it is hard to be joyful, or to remember that hope, peace, and love are all tied into the season as well.

Yet, part of the larger Christmas story is that the wise men from the East, upon seeking the new born King, proceeded to see King Herod. Herod was a brutal, evil man who feared for his own power, and certainly news of a King's birth would be troubling. The wise men, after finding Jesus, were warned not to return to Herod and depart back into their country by an alternate route. When Herod learned of this, he had many first born sons in the immediate area murdered.

Yet, Joy is still very much part of this season. But why?

Joy, like hope, peace, and love, is not bound to mere human definitions. Even in times of distress, we can find that there is comfort in Christ, who gives us peace that passes all understanding, hope that is eternal, and joy that is not fleeting.

Below, you will hear today's sermon. Please take a listen.

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